Parchsaz Manufacturing Company has been established in 1984 with the purpose of manufacturing various types of rivets and blind rivets, while promoting the qualitative levels has always been one of its major targets as of the date of its establishment.

Its first products included aluminum blind rivets (using 5050 alloys) in nominal diameters of 3, 4 and 5 and lengths of 6-20mm.

In 1991

production of copper brake discs rivets based on DIN-7338 B was added.

In 1992

as the first holder of standard seal, Parchsaz managed to obtain standard symbol from ISIRI and also production of flat head rivet was added to the company’s scope of products.

In 1994

brake disc rivet was produced based on BS standard.

In 1995

considering the continuous improvement and providing the requirements of the customers caused Parchsaz to provide more variety to its range of products. In order to do so, aluminum blind rivets (5050 alloy- less resistant rivets) were produced for those joints which do not require high resistance; during the same year, production of brass rivet was also added to Parchsaz range of products.

In 1997

the THR hand-riveter was manufactured.

In 1998

in order to improve the quality needs of the various industrial units, by due observance of international standards, including but not limited to DIN, BS, JIS, etc., Parchsaz started producing disk and clutch sheet rivets.

In 1999

the advancement in the various industries and application of rivets in the same resulted in the production of semi-filled steel rivets and rivets chores (dia.: 6mm).

In 2000

due to the growth of the automotive industry and in order to supply the needs of the part manufacturers, new investments were performed and production of steel double bridge, stainless steel rivets and copper blind rivets were included in the agenda of this company in addition to various types of industrial rivets.

In late 2001

production of aluminum blind rivet (max. L: 35mm) and hollow steel rivet of clutch disc and color anodized coated blind rivet was performed.

In 2003

Parchsaz managed to obtain comprehensive quality management standard (ISO9001-2000) and also considering the good status of the automotive and other industries, this company started with considerable investment in manufacturing special parts. Such parts- which used to be manufactured by taking benefit from chip removal- are now fulfilled by cold heading operations and in customized manner, which has been satisfactory for many of the practitioners of industry considering accuracy, shape similarity and proper pricing.

In 2004

designing and producing aluminum rivet with aluminum chore which is applicable in joining fragile parts and humid positions were performed. This product was put into production schedule of Parchsaz according to costumers’ orders.

In 2005

4-head flat aluminum blind rivet for utilization in Conex and similar applications, while it also designed and produced double-step aluminum blind rivet as hinge in customized manner.

In 2006

more than 600 types of rivet, blind rivet and special parts were produced in Parchsaz.

In 2007

production of various types of steel rivets using special alloys were performed and so it increased the variety of Parchsaz products.

In 2008

for the first time in Iran the stainless-steel parts were produced. Since then, our current and future customers asked us a variety of special parts, by producing of which now we have around 1,000 types of rivets, blind rivets and special parts.

In 2009

performing heating works on steels and other metals was made possible through commissioning new furnaces at Parchsaz Company.

In 2010-2011

obtainment of EN ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN 9001:2008 and ISO / TS 16949:2008 certificates from TUV- NORD Company.

In 2012-2013

we started producing multifunctional rivet nuts.

In 2014

power coating line for customized coating rivets, rivet nuts and special parts has been established

In 2015

we have invested in Paya-rivet-nut producing line.

In 2016

Paya-rivet-nut producing line was established.

In 2017

we started our cooperation with FAR company.

In 2018

we have improved the quality of Paya-rivet-nut and its diversity.

In 2019

Parchsaz has gained the monopoly license for producing Paya-rivet-nut in Iran

Parchsaz is indebted to its customers regarding all these achievements and notifies that it has the required preparation to produce any types of customized orders.

We hope to be more in service of the Iranian industry.